Track: Melbourne’s Holy Holy deliver a shimmering, sparkling track ‘Believe Anything’ and announce new album ‘Hello My Beautiful World’ for August

‘Believe Anything’, the new track from the formidable duo Holy Holy, is a gurgling brook of a song – an electronic thrumming provides a bubbling undercurrent over which effervescent synths stream and epic vocals float. Brief interludes provide a moments of string-laden repose, but this is a full throttle blast of energy that is vibrant and energising while being at the same time haunting and melancholic.

With production contribution from Japanese Wallpaper, the result is a complex multi layered sound that creates a wondrous sonic architecture.

Singer Tim Carroll, part of the duo with Oscar Dawson, says:

‘Believe Anything’ was one of the first songs we wrote for the record, and from the beginning, it always felt right. We got the main character of it all out in one quick session, and then over the months, we refined it. We added beautiful string arrangements, and some mean dark synths in the back half. Japanese Wallpaper spent some time with the session and added some novel sounds and textures to the arrangement. We layered the vocals and worked on balancing the various melodies, but this song, unlike others, came together easily.

This exemplifies Holy Holy’s infinite capacity for delivering bold shimmering synth pop with intelligence and a super strong melodic framework:

‘Believe Anything is available to stream/download here.

The track is off Holy Holy’s forthcoming album ‘Hello My Beautiful World’ through Wonderlick Recording Company, recorded in Victoria and Tasmania and due out on Friday, 20 August 2021. We have already heard the single ‘How You Been’ (reviewed by me here) and it promises to be something very exciting based on this evidence. Carroll says of the album:

We were given all the freedom in the world to do whatever we wanted, and this is what we did. The songs dwell in the details of living. Dreams are a theme. Dreams you have when you’re sleeping. Not the dreams you come up with when you’re awake. Not a series of desires. Dreams where you have no control, and you scare yourself.

This sound like an audacious and exciting journey to look forward to. You can pre-order here.

‘Hello My Beautiful World’ tracklist:
Believe Anything
How You Been
The Aftergone (feat. CLEWS)
Port Rd (feat. Queen P)
Hello My Beautiful World
Stand Where I’m Standing
So Tired
Here and Now

Feature Photograph: Simon Eeles

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