Premiere: Sydney’s pop punk magicians A Swift Farewell set up a ‘Mousetrap’: an effervescent and thumping delight of a track.

We are honoured to premiere the new track from Sydney’s A Swift Farewell – an ebullient and effervescent indie rock track with an inherent vibrancy and scaling choruses. There is a buzz saw punk edge to the indie pop blast, with singer Emma Mather adding a dynamic performance – a soft yet muscular and melodic delivery. There is a quiet/loud, stop/start heavy hitting flow to the track that suggests this would be an amazing live band.

Bassist Sarah Bonnet talks about the meaning behind ‘Mousetrap’

‘Mousetrap’ is about feeling trapped in a relationship in which you are not able to give some-one the time and attention they demand from you and feeling burnt out from trying. In the end, the person doesn’t notice they are asking too much from you and you feel yourself grow emotionally distant from them.

Accompanying the release is an amusing music video, filmed, directed and edited by Robbie Walcott. The clip shows the band has an inherent and quirky sense of humour:

This is clearly a band having a lot of fun, and with this track, that’s infectious. ‘Mousetrap’’ will be available worldwide Friday, June 18 and you can stream from that date here.

Feature Photograph: Robbie Walcott

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