Track: Catalan! share new single – Espionage

Northern Ireland’s CATALAN! have shared a new single ‘Espionage’ ahead of two big shows in late July. ‘Espionage’

Having been busy releasing records since 2010, musician Ewen Friers now operates under new alias CATALAN!, creating world influenced music with an experimental and eclectic edge. Having spent the last seven years exploring the open road, with various bands and companions including ‘Axis Of’ and ‘And So I Watch You From Afar’, Ewen Friers dedicated the early part of 2017 to condensing his experiences and interests into a thought provoking new musical project which resulted in last year’s debut release ‘Oka’.

New single ‘Espionage’ is a rock indie explosion with an aggression that is constantly held back to great effect. It melds so many genres and musical themes it’s hard to pin down exactly what it even is, and yet is incredibly listenable.

When asked about this new single, Friers explained “Espionage is all about that crescendo, for me the song is always heading to that open and pounding end chorus section. But what I’m most proud of is the subtleties whilst building to that point; some of the complex percussive moves and guitar patterns as well as some of my favourite lyrics to date. As ever jumping from topic to topic, by line by line, above all I wanted to create something that sounds fresh live but puts the lyrics front and centre.”

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