Film Review: Spring


In terms of a horror film, Spring is a real anomaly. There’s more chemistry between Nadia Hilker and Lou Taylor Pucci, the two leads, than you see in the majority of romantic dramas. In actuality, it’s more of a indie drama than a horror movie. The level of characterisation and details is impressive for any film. Co-directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead build on their last feature, the impressive Resolution, proving they’re amongst the most talented directors working in genre cinema.

After the death of his mother, Lou (Pucci) decides to take a break from real life in Italy. He meets the mysterious Louise (Hilker) and they spark up an instant attraction. However, despite their whirlwind romance, she seems reluctant to commit. Angelo (Francesco Carnelutti) gives him a job on his farm and Lou begins to settle into a routine, but Louise remains distant and something seems not quite right.

As a low budget film, Spring is incredibly impressive. Driven by a clever script, both Hilker and Pucci ooze charisma; the interactions between them feel natural and real. The horror aspect is understated and often played with an element of humour. It’s beautifully shot and their relationship brings to mind Before Sunset in many ways, with the same dynamic at play. Spring is a brilliantly conceived, genre blurring drama which has the same impact and accessibility as Monsters.

Spring is out in cinemas from Friday, go and see.

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  1. Justin Benson
    May 21, 2015

    Thank you for watching and taking the time for some thoughtful writing!

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