Track: Pathfinders Set To Release Space Inspired Album Ares Vallis. Listen To Lead Single ‘Damned Earth’

France’s Pathfinders will be releaseing their debut album ‘Ares Vallis’ via label Music-Records on April 16, 2021.

Taking their name from the NASA space probe Mars Pathfinder, the band is rooted in a primary sound of groove metal, but introduces fans into an astronomical discovery of twelve tracks assembled with progressive, thrashy, djenty and melodic tones.

The band adds:

“We are fascinated with space exploration, especially following recent odysseys to the red planet. We believe it may be the next step in humanity’s evolution of uncovering what this universe holds. This is an album of us telling stories on adventures to and from Mars.”

The album title  “Ares Vallis” is named after an outflow channel on Mars, which appears to have been carved by fluids, perhaps water.

A brutal start of pounding drums and bass and the chugging of guitars. A quick change to the groove as the lyrics kick in and the track starts to merge into the progressive brilliance as it powers on through with a pleasing speed. The vocals swap between the slightly guttural attack on the verses to a cleaner yet still rough sounding rock voice on the chorus. All together the track is an addictive introduction to the bands new album.

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Track Listing:
1. Landing (1:20)
2. Impostors (4:59)
3. Damned Earth (4:03)
4. Evolution (3:32)
5. Precious Star (4:07)
6. Explode Inside (5:12)
7. Annihilate Them All (4:41)
8. The Light (4:14)
9. Pressure (4:334)
10. Ghosts of Mars (4:18)
11. Bad Guardians (4:56)
12. Peste Noire (8:14)

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