SEE: Osees’ roarin’ live take on ‘Gelatinous Cube’; Dwyer’s boys announce live stream

Osees tearin' it up

OSEES – the band who Marc Riley called the “best live band in the world”, and he was so on the money – have released footage of a live take of “Gelatinous Cube”, from Big Sur, with the strict instructions: meant to be listened to loud on speakers. Watch and you know they’re absolutely on it; double drums, John raging away on the SG at 100mph.

It forms part of a set recorded at the Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, which the band will releasing on stream in time for Christmas. The full livestream premieres on Saturday, December 19th. That’s a treat, right there. And we’re promised that it’s gonna be a completely different set of songs from the band’s Levitation stream back in September: “Not a single song the same”.

John has issued the following communique:

“Happy Holidays folks!
What a fucking year.
If you are alive, congratulations.
You are a hero for that alone.
If you are hopeful, then good on ya.
Without hope we have nothing.
So, without boring you to death (cuz you’ve made it this far) here is the new Osees stream.

“We’ve dipped deep into the dark waters of our song-sack of holding and found several more never-before-performed-live tunes and paired them up with some oldies we’ve knocked the dust off of as well as some fan favorites and general surprises to make the merry very.
That’s right, we’ve been paying attention.
Recorded from dusk till dawn 2 at the gorgeous Henry Miller Library in Big Sur.
Same killer crew, similar killer vibes.
An enchanting pre-holiday evening to tell you that we miss and love you.
Play it loud and have one on us.
And keep your chin up for goodness’ sake.”

Prices for admission start at $3.99USD for a once-only stream, $9.99USD for a full download; there’s also an array of merch bundles, including event-exclusive T-shirts, posters and even signed vinyl. For tickets and more information, click here.

The stream will be available to watch until midnight Pacific Time on January 1st; we’re assured you can re-watch as many times as you like, too. Get in.

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