Premiere: Cacien Releases Otherworldly, Transportive New Alt-Pop Album ‘GP’s Anatomy’

The culmination of a summer of successful singles, Cacien releases the infectious new 8 track Album ‘GP’s Anatomy,’ we’re very excited to be premiering! A testament to Cacien’s artistic prowess, blending her bubblegum pop image with quirky, bouncing and at times Marina & The Diamonds-esque soundscapes the album showcases the artists ability to flit between styles whilst retaining a cohesive sonic identity.

Within the harmonious blend of modern jazz influences, high-energy pop anthems, and laid-back beats, Cacien’s multi-lingual vocal performances take centre stage from the Electronic R&B sizzler ‘raindrops’ to bouncing, infectious pop moments like ‘SLAY4 UR OWN’. Her steady allure effortlessly navigates between love-blinded melodic euphoria and intense, self-love-infused rap sections offering a rich, transportive, fairytail-esque listening experience, glimmering with fluorescent commercial appeal.

In an intriguing glimpse into the creative mind behind ‘GP’s Anatomy,’ Cacien, also known as Garlica Princess, shares, “I deeply dissect my brain in this album from the third-person perspective. Acting as Garlica Bunny, I divided my brain into two parts: the ‘Love Brain’ (right brain) and the ‘Independent Brain’ (left brain). The album documents my journey from seeking external validation to embracing self-love.”

At 23 years old, hailing from Shenzhen, China, Cacien has carved a unique musical identity that fuses pop, jazz, R&B, soul, and hip-hop. Following the success of her debut global solo album, ‘Garlica Princess,’ which garnered over 650 million views on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, her music is celebrated for themes of confidence, cheerfulness, and a pioneering spirit – somethign which shines through on the new album.

‘GP’s Anatomy’ not only showcases Cacien’s musical versatility but also highlights her angelic songwriting prowess. The thoughtful and gorgeous lyrical themes resonate with depth, offering an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

Listen below:

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