Album Review: Trapped In A World – Terror

It’s finally here! The stalwarts of modern LA hardcore have struck again with a rather interesting full-length release – Trapped in a World. This LP presents itself as a compilation of some of their most revered songs from their EP Lowest of the Low and debut record One With the Underdogs, which are not only revisited, but also re-recorded. In the pursuit of recapturing the original energy that inspired the composition of these songs, the entirety of this album was recorded live in their drummer’s studio- implementing the raw, feral intensity that pressed the band’s output in the early days. And, as an extra push to ensure the stability of their creative force, we see the return of guitarist Todd Jones, who composed and played the featured songs from Terror’s debut releases. 

There is a slight disdain for the grounds on which this record was created—when Terror isn’t writing they are most likely on the road. However, since touring is at a standstill, this LP serves as a beacon of hope that the band is not letting the current viral plague diminish their intent to appease their fans. While the old adage goes “desperate times call for desperate measures”, Trapped in a World feels like anything but, and the proof lies in the output. These songs feel as fresh and powerful, if not more, in this release than they did from their original respective outing. For one, it’s fantastic to hear songs like ‘Lowest of the Low’, ‘Another Face’, ‘Keep Your Distance’, and ‘Better Off Without You’ get such a significant sonic update from their EP counterparts. Studio editing can only go so far, such an update can only be captured by live performance. 

If there’s one thing this LP does, it reminds seasoned fans of Terror why they latched onto them in the first place; going as far as regenerating the cause of their initial reaction. While in doing so, also giving novices a recreation of said feeling to instill a similar reaction as the generation before. Finally, it’s an accurate portrayal of the band itself—Terror is a band whose consistent and integral artistic output exists to draw in new listeners while holding on to the respect of their veteran fans. Trapped in a World can be listened to just as easily as any of their other LPs, but it’s the only one that can give an accurate taste of the past. 

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