News: Cherry Red Reissue Nailbomb 2xCD Set

Nailbomb was a short-lived but influential industrial metal band formed in 1994. The group was a collaboration between Brazilian musician and producer Max Cavalera, known for his work with Sepultura, and English musician and producer Alex Newport. Nailbomb’s music was a powerful fusion of thrash metal, punk rock, and industrial sounds, characterized by aggressive guitar riffs, heavy percussion, and distorted vocals. The band released only one studio album, “Point Blank,” in 1994, which showcased their intense and politically charged lyrics. Despite their limited discography, Nailbomb’s impact on the metal scene was significant, leaving a lasting impression on fans and inspiring future generations of industrial and extreme metal bands.

Point Blank,” the sole album by Nailbomb, was a raw and uncompromising record that addressed various societal and political issues. The lyrics explored themes of corruption, consumerism, media manipulation, and social injustice, reflecting the band members’ discontent with the world around them. The music itself was a brutal onslaught, with thrashing guitar riffs, aggressive drumming, and samples that added an industrial edge to the sound. Nailbomb’s confrontational approach and the album’s controversial content garnered both praise and controversy, solidifying their reputation as a band unafraid to challenge the status quo.

Despite their relative obscurity, Nailbomb’s influence continues to resonate within the metal community. Their unique blend of aggressive metal and industrial elements helped pave the way for the development of genres such as industrial metal and groove metal. The band’s straightforward and no-nonsense approach to songwriting, combined with their intense live performances, left a lasting impact on those who witnessed them. While Nailbomb may have been short-lived, their legacy as a groundbreaking and politically charged industrial metal act remains firmly intact, making them a significant part of metal history.

Now Cherry Red Records have reissued it as a 2 CD set complete with Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide, a live recording of their only live performance at Dynamo Openair Festival in 1995. The album cover is a picture of the aftermath of the infamous Jonestown suicides. The album’s title is in reference to the fact that the band promised that they would only ever release one album.

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