Track: Only Now & Beneath the Ruins – ‘Mine Of Memories’: scorched earth blues foraging for what remains

IT’S A dark meshing of minds: experimental electronic producer Only Now and guitarist Beneath The Ruins have convened out in the sonic edgelands for a joint debut EP, Anamnesis, out next month.

The artists born Kush Arora and Peter Arensdorf respectively have meshed to investigate badlands atmospherics, dark electronica and wasteland West Coast blues – as you can hear within, in the dark, post-civilisation sweep of “Mine Of Memories”; Labradford’s twisted cousin roaming through the ruins on the last surviving horse; a more languid scorched industrial country take on Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada.

Let’s introduce the pair who bring forth such shadowy sonic forebodings: Only Now is the vision of Kush Arora, outta Berkeley, California; he addresses themes of time, existence, and the beyond. Kush has been producing under his own name for 19 years, blending Indo-Caribbean sounds with singular interpretations of dancehall, dub, and industrial.

Beneath the Ruins is the solo project of Bay Area guitarist and bassist Peter Arensdorf, who also plays and writes for the doom band King Woman. He cites influences from John Fahey to Glenn Branca, Sonic Youth, Dylan Carlson and Earth.

Their debut EP – you’ll find pre-order details below – was compiled from recording sessions captured at their homes during 2019 and 2020.

Arensdorf’s guitar meditations are framed by Arora’s seismic, cavernous treatments, evoking the haunting liminality of the desert ghost towns found in the duo’s home state of California.

Only Now and Beneath The Ruins’ Anamnesis will be released digitally on March 12th; you can pre-order yours now at Bandcamp.

Connect with Only Now online at SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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