Premiere: Mindset – Breakfast in Bed

Following on from his recent singles ‘Empty Vial’ and ‘Hotel in Hell’, Mindset releases his new single ‘Breakfast in Bed‘ and we’re delighted to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia.

Produced by fellow North Carolina artist Britton Rauscher, it’s laidheavy with this vintage funk vibe and jazzy hue, before Mindset lays down his bars, filled with double entendre and wit, and no small amount of flow, mixed in with the hook of the chorus.

Of the track, Mindset exclusively told us “My writing process is different for pretty much every song, sometimes I write in silence and then find a beat, sometimes I write along to the beat, sometimes I don’t write at all. For Breakfast in Bed I wrote with the hook and first verse for a completely different song, the hook/first verse are about spending a long morning with and having a lazy day with your partner. When I wrote the song I was in a relationship and was a big fan of those long mornings and having “Breakfast in Bed” but before I finished writing the song; the relationship ended. It was abrupt and caught me off guard, much like the beginning of the second verse how the ,theme of the song changes when I say, “waking up next to the love of your life, must be nice.” I then go on to talk about my regret of meeting the girl in the first place, and the third verse I speak on the type of girl I would like to find one day. The theme of Breakfast in Bed sets the stage for my next single “i still use ur netflix” releasing in mid-July.”

If you can even begin to resist this, you’re better people than us. Check it out, here

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