Album Review: PRIDES – A Mind Like The Tide Pt.2

Prides A Mind Like The Tide pt.2

Alt-pop duo Prides, from Glasgow, have just released Part Two of their sophomore album A Mind Like The Tide, concluding the story they began to share with us last Autumn and sharing seven brand new tracks for us to enjoy. The duality in Prides has always been apparent, marrying earnest and emotional lyrics with boisterous synth-pop melodies, creating something that you’ll dance to when your heart is breaking.

Opening with, ‘Born To Be Whole’, Prides immediately jump in with a humble and honest track about finding your soulmate; that one person who seems to complement you perfectly when the facade is stripped away. Yet, if we’re ever lucky enough to find our kindred soul, there’s often a battle with time or circumstance, fracturing the seemingly perfect bond and leaving little more than heartbreak. ‘Born To Be Whole’ captures those feelings with sincerity, creating one of the best songs Prides have ever written and combining their exquisite storytelling with beautiful melodies.

‘Don’t You Feel Love’ follows a similar vibe, making the most of Stewart Brock’s earnest vocals with Callum Wiseman’s musical talents on keys and guitar. Once again it delves into the complexities of close relationships, as Stewart claims he is “sick of breaking hearts, sick of feeling like that.” The soaring vocals and strong riffs carry this song through, and it proves to be another powerful track from our alt-pop duo. 

Taking no prisoners, ‘End of Days’ turns up the tempo and throws you into an ultimate party anthem, showing you what a typical Prides gig might look like. Full of energy and heavy synth, this track will guarantee to lift your mood, encouraging to dance whether your heart is breaking or not. It’s probably one of the most distinctive tracks Prides have ever created, and should be a massive hit when the boys finally play it in front of an audience.

‘Say It Again’ manages to capture the anguish in a recently departed relationship, and the disbelief in that person’s change of heart. It’s about holding onto what once was, and seeking confirmation of what’s real. It’s hard to believe that someone who once held you so dear would turn their back on you, and this song manages to relate to your most private moments, seeking closure, and a chance to move on.

The sheer repetition of the anthemic choruses in ‘On Our Own’ and ‘Not Good At Giving Up’ is magnificent; full of a raw passion that just makes you want to turn it up to 11 and sing along at the top of your voice. They bring a sense of belonging in a crowded room, uniting everyone in the lyrics they all relate to: “We’re just not good enough” and “not good at giving it up”, respectively.

The final track, ‘Everything Is Going To Be Fine’, is one of those sad songs for sleepless nights, offering solace when the realities of mental illness become more difficult to deal with. Each verse ends with a statement, and then the same words repeated as a question, as if the narrator is second-guessing themselves all the time and struggling to see what’s real. This song is delicate and heartfelt, and anyone who has struggled with depression will relate to the words found in this track. It ends with the same melody that opened ‘Every Story of Mine Is A Story Of Yours’ on Part One of A Mind Like The Tide, connecting the two EPs with the delicate, glittering notes and the feelings that follow.

The most significant thing about A Mind Like The Tide, in both parts, is the sincere connection Prides have created with their fans, and the vulnerability they share when singing those personal and honest lyrics. The alt-pop duo might be known for their glittering anthems, but, it’s the stories in their songs that people connect with most of all.

You’ll never dance alone when you’re with Prides.

Listen to the EP on Spotify below:


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