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The Yalla Yallas

Album – Outsider

Self Released June 21st

The Yalla Yallas, having very recently supported the likes of Penetration and the still great TV Smith in what can only be describedas nothing short of fire storming live performances have just released their new album Ousider. Not that audiences we’re in any doubt of what was to come from the release of this their 4th studio album since 2009,s debut “Act Of Defiance“.  Making big waves around the DIY Punk scene in the North East over the past few years, and growing in performance, they are now I believe one of the best live acts you will come across in the region. As lead singer Rob Galloway says, “Free gigs are part of our ethos, not everyone can afford to see live music, they deserve to be able too”.

Galloway’s has moved on with his songwriting over the course of 4 albums, with their output ranging from all out Punk Rock! with high intensity guitar riffs and explosive vocal fury, to sublime blues filled songs like “Better Of With Nothing” over the course of their offerings so far.

Outsider though, hits new heights of soul, blues, punk, country (yes country!) It’s without doubt their best offering as yet, with Galloway’s lyrics lyrics rising to a new place, the Soul! you can feel throughout the album tapped into his own self and poured out.  The track “walking in The rain” for example, gives just a hint of Gospel (could it be “Gospel Punk”)?  Then there is a truly wonderful Rock n Roll vibe in “Blackpool (Feeling So Alive), And if that’s not enough, you are then hit by a song like “Somewhere Anywhere” – Country Punk? 

Then the listener is taken back a little to Yalla Yallas as you might have come to know them, with amazing full on Punk guitar tracks courtesy of the truly talented Will Grinder on Lead.

From start to finish this album takes you on a journey and the mood shifts from track to track. If its mood, dancing around the room, shouting it out, or just amazing reflection your after, this album has it all. With Lyrics like “I don’t wanna be perfect, I just wanna be human”, “Everybody’s got someone to love, everybody’s got someone to love”  it just carries you along and at the end you just want to start at the beginning again. The Albums back cover containing one of my very own photo’s does add to the experience for myself too of course 🙂

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