Album Review: Dope Body – Home Body

It has been 4 years years since Baltimore’s 21st century-style Stooges – ‘Dope Body’ decided to call it quits and head their separate ways. They weren’t apart for long before they got back together and released on to the world an isolation-times mixtape. ‘Home Body’ is the result released May 1st via Drag City.

It’s an album full of the type of garage punk they have made their name with. Garage punk it certainly is. The songs are rough and seem more from a band jamming in an actual garage. Don’t take that the wrong way though. Rough and unpolished they may be, but that’s what makes them. This is the sound of a band with a love and a need to make music.

Standout tracks ‘Sour Apple’ with its walking synth line and crashing drums, ‘Back in Back’ sounding like a fuzzy joyous anthem and ‘Hermit king’ batter there way through with head bashing energy. ‘Hermit King’ featuring some catchy bass taking the lead line.

Its not all complete songs either. Tracks like ‘Lily’ and ‘Tung Ring’ show more of the bands experimental side. Mixing synth sounds with vocal samples and random electric noises. They act like a pause as the band catch their breath before launching another audible attack.

Its the drums that shine through on a lot of these tracks. Propelling the songs forward and being a constant in the whirlwind of noise. From the use of cowbells on ‘Living Room’ to the pots and pans sounding of the intro to ‘Johnny Bag Of Smoke’ It takes true talent to create music like this.

I like to think this may have restarted their love of making music together and not just one last hurrah and a splurge of what they managed to get down on tape to scratch an itch. I shall hold my breath like the rest of their fans hoping they have had time away doing other things and now return to make the noise we want to hear.

Get a taste of Dope Body with their video for Repo Man

Then buy there album here or all good streaming sites.

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