Video: Floral Image Share Fittingly Trippy New Visuals For Psychedelic-Indie Banger ‘Voices’

Psych-Indie quartet Floral Image share trippy new visuals for their latest psychedelic banger ‘Voices’.

Blending their swelling modulation drenched psychedelic rock tendencies with a bright and vibrant indie-rock attitude the single is a prime example of the bands work – as reminiscent of 70s psychedelia like Hawkwind as it is The Stone Roses and early Tame Impala.

Immersive, vibrantly creative and artistic as well as packing an energetic punch, the track is at once vibrant, emotive, euphoric and effortlessly exciting, like an intense jam pulled together by the distant, reverb soaked lead vocals.  

Accompanying by the expansive, hazey, avant-garde visual, the video serves as visual aid to further emphasise the bands 70’s psychedelic influences. Flashing graphics that wash over you, much like the sonic textures, offering an immersive, engrossing experience for your sense.

Speaking about the video, the band explain: “It’s an ode to Colours, Lights, the Sun (in the Sky), and getting absolutely Willy Wonka’d in a field with the ones you love most dearest. We here at Floral are committed to delivering only the most visually jarring, kinetically daring, and frankly fashionable video content available on the current market; VOICES being the epitome of this so far. It is pain; it is love. It is life; and it is now. VOICES.”

Watch below:

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