News: Extranauts release euphoric indie/electro cut “Everybody In The Nite”

Irish psychedelic / electronic pop sextet – EXTRANAUTS – have revealed their latest offering “Everybody in the Nite”, taken from their upcoming debut album ‘The Alchemist’ (out 2 June 2023). 

With its disco-fied beats, elasticised basslines, and psychoactive electric guitars, “Everybody in the Nite” follows “Lazarus” as an illuminescent new insight into Extranauts’ upcoming debut album. 

An anthem designed-for and inspired-by those hedonistic nights out that make life worth living, frontman and songwriter Keith O’Neill explains of the new single: 

“”Everybody in the Nite” is an ode to the escapism of nightlife and club culture. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll have always gone hand-in-hand because they are all ways for us to temporarily lose ourselves and forget about our lives. The track is a celebration of that hedonism.” 


1. The Alchemist
2. Lazarus
3. Debonair
4. The New Age Of Innocence
5. Everybody in the Nite
6. Liquidator
7. We Used To Dream
8. It’s About Time
9. Talk Me Down
10. Uptight
11. Slow Robot
12. Afterlife
13. FAM

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