IDFA Review: ‘Til Kingdom Come

Evangelical Christianity is an anathema for reasonable and liberal people. It has been around for centuries but is most often seen today in the intolerant bile you witness on TV networks across the United States. Indeed, it’s a weapon which President Trump has (successfully) employed in his political rise. Characterised by hectoring preachers and wildly unlikely audience responses, it has become a multi-million-dollar industry.

Whilst many religious leaders have become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams from their corruption of evangelicalism, they are not the only beneficiaries. ‘Til Kingdom Come, the new documentary from Maya Zinshtein, focusses on one of the strangest partnerships. The nation of Israel is the unlikely recipient of fundamental Christian fundraising. A collaboration which goes far beyond religious doctrine.

‘Til Kingdom Come is a tale of greed, power and influence. A relationship which has wantonly skewed and misinterpreted theological texts in order to benefit the few. It’s bizarre that whilst much of America resides in poverty, congregations are willing to donate so generously to another country which practices a largely different religion. Whilst there are obvious similarities between Christianity and Judaism, not least the Old Testament, ‘Til Kingdom Come uncovers the hypocrisy and self-interest behind this international cooperation.

‘Til Kingdom Come screens at IDFA.

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