IDFA Review: Look What You Made Me Do

One in three women has experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner, such as pushing, shoving and slapping. A quarter have suffered this in a more extreme form, including sexual violence, stalking and actual bodily harm. The vast majority of the perpetrators in these cases are men. The levels of protection afforded to females differs markedly between countries and societies, as current events in Iran illustrate.  

In traditional societies, women are still often expected to suffer violence at the hands of their husbands. As barbaric as it sounds, in certain places rapists can still avoid prison by marrying their victimS. However, what happens when prey turns on predator and fights back? Takes matters into their own hands. Look What You Made Me Do explores femicide, following three women who survived abusive relationships by becoming murders themselves.

Look What You Made Me Do places these ‘crimes’ in the context of a wider war on womanhood. Director Coco Schrijber’s film affords Laura, Rachel and Rosalba, all from ‘progressive’ European nations, the space to tell their stories. It is a catalyst to debate. Highlighting an issue, which is often ‘hidden’ or overlooked, and demonstrating the importance of doing something about it. Look What You Made Me Do is an urgent call to action.

Look What You Made Me Do screens at IDFA

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