Live Gallery: King Stingray at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney 23.06.2023

King Stingray

The crowd is filled with anticipation as we await the appearance of King Stingray, who play the Enmore tonight. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is in the house as the audience sings along to ‘Treaty’ (Yothu Yindi,) ‘Beds Are Burning’ (Midnight Oil) and finally and very appropriately ‘The Voice’ by John Farnham in the lead up to the band taking the stage.

P.M. Anthony Albanese and Minister Tony Burke in the crowd

Lead vocalist Yirrŋa Yunupiŋu is the nephew of Dr M. Yunupiŋu, and guitarist Roy Kellaway is the son of Stuart Kellaway, who were both founding members of Yothu Yindi. Childhood friends, the pair grew up together in Yolngu country, in the community of Yirrkala. King Stingray was formed in 2020 and have gone from strength to strength, winning awards, including most recently the Australian Music Prize, playing SXSW and wowing audiences. Tonight the band will perform their unique brand of Yolŋu surf-rock to a packed out Sydney crowd. We at Backseat Mafia have been fans since we first saw them perform at Dark Mofo in 2021 and it’s great to see them headlining a show in Sydney tonight.

From the moment the band members take the stage, their energy is palpable. Yunupiŋu, immediately commands attention with his powerful vocals and magnetic presence. King Stingray’s combination of electric guitar, drums, bass, and traditional Indigenous instruments creates a rich and dynamic sound that is impossible to resist. The stage is bathed in glorious dayglo colours that perfectly reflects the feeling of hope and optimism that the band’s music inspires. Everyone is up on their feet and dancing, it’s a truly joyous experience.

What truly sets this gig apart is the unbelievable sense of unity and inclusivity the band’s music inspires. It transcends boundaries, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together. The band’s message of cultural pride, social justice, and environmental awareness resonates deeply with the audience, creating a powerful sense of community and transcendence. God knows Australians really need this right now.

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