Live Gallery: Avatar at the Metro, Sydney 26.08.2023


Swedish metal band, Avatar play the Metro, Sydney tonight as part of their first tour of Australia. There is anticipation in the air as the crowd, many decked out in clown regalia (a nod to the costume that singer Johan Eckström wears during performances) wait for the band to appear. With expectation at fever pitch the band strides on stage and are solemnly presented their instruments for the evening. Cheers erupt through the venue as Eckström, the enigmatic frontman appears, immediately seizing control of the audience’s attention with his commanding stage presence and dynamic vocals. It has taken multiple petitions to get the band here and the crowd delights as the band transitions from bone-rattling heavy riffs to hauntingly melodic interludes. From electrifying music to captivating theatricality, Avatar demonstrate their prowess as both musicians and storytellers. And the audience lap it up.

Check out our gallery below.

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