Track: Dylan John Thomas – Lost Without

Out now on Spotify and ITunes is the new single, ‘Lost Without’ from Scottish Singer-Songwriter, Dylan John Thomas. This is his third single, following his singles, ‘Nobody else’ and ‘Problems’. This talented Glaswegian fuses the style of many Singer-Songwriters, from Bob Dylan to Johnny Cash and beyond.

‘Lost Without’ is a showcase of both Dylan John Thomas’ abilities, not just as a singer, guitarist and performer, but as a solid, modern songwriter. The acoustic guitar sound has shades of Bluegrass, Blues and Folk and Thomas’ voice is powerful and unique, with plenty of presence, depth and character. The style is reminiscent of folk singers of the 1970s, such as Ralph Mctell and Bert Jansch.

This song is full of melody, vocal hooks and evolves, twisting and turning, brimming with ideas and creativity. Following the start of this tune, with its dual acoustic guitars, drums and bass kick in for a killer stomp of a chorus. There’s some bright, catchy, instrumental passages with guitar solos which are as memorable as the chorus.

This single is punchy, poppy, perfectly pitched and will have many a listener humming along to it’s infectious charm and folky groove.

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