Track: Ô Lake – Avalanche

Thomas Dilis

After the release of his last single ‘Innocence‘ French artist Ô Lake (composer Sylvain Texier) has shared the second single ‘Avalanche’. Both tracks are taken from his highly anticipated new album titled ‘Still’ which is due on the 3rd of March via Patchrock & Night-Night records.

A soft start with a calming call and response between piano and strings, Avalanche has a cinematic dream like feeling that lulls you into a peaceful state. Lowering the heartbeat and silencing the mind before an explosion of percussion and quick fire synth notes rouses you into a state of frantic awakening like a splash of cold water. It’s testament to what Texier can do with a simple melody and plenty of breathing space or a barrage of textures and frantic musical notes. All within the space of 5 minutes.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Ô Lake’s Website or Facebook or Bandcamp

Read our interview with Texier here

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