Track: Murcof x Vanessa Wagner – Statea

InFiné records have released Statea by Murcof & Vanessa Wagner. TRAINSPOTTER ALERT: The title of the album is a reference (in old Italian) to scales and also the perfect balance between two units of measurement (now you know)

Here we see the Mexican ambient figurehead Fernando Corona (known as Murcof) and French classical pianist Vanessa Wagner team up to re-imagine a collection of classic contemporary pieces. Wagner stays true to the original scores, respecting the sheet music in a classical sense but does not shy away from exploring new ideas within the compositions while Murcofs sound design and textures create a modern abstract edginess, bringing a further creative dimension to the music.

Both being drawn towards minimalism within their own work they have found the spacious compositions of the composers covered in this album a perfect place to express their own unique musical qualities, abilities and imaginations. The partnership go a step even further here with their great interpretation of the more modern piece April 14th by Aphex Twin, a welcome addition to an already outstanding collection.

Both artists shine within the productions, Wagners Piano work is sublime and Murcofs electronic percussion and ambient sounds derived from drone, minimal techno, industrial and IDM weave effortlessly throughout. After almost six years of crafting together this unique musical experience through their live performances, we finally get the studio album we’ve been waiting for, with the added bonus of bringing this unique partnership to a wider audience.




  1. In a Landscape (John Cage)
  2. Variations for the healing of Arinushka (Arvo Pärt)
  3. Avril 14th (Aphex Twin)
  4. Musica Ricercata n°2 (György Ligeti)
  5. Gnossienne n°3 (Erik Satie)
  6. Piano Piece 1952 (Morton Feldman)
  7. Farewell, O World, O Earth (Valentyn Silvestrov)
  8. China Gates (John Adams)
  9. Metamorphosis 2 (Philip Glass)


 OUT NOW on InFiné Records 

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