Track: Jordan Merrick – ‘This Rainy Day’: sweet Americana to curl up inside

Jordan Merrick

BRISBANE folkie Jordan Merrick has capturing hearts a while now; and it’s a dead cert he’ll capture a few more with the warming campfire Americana of “This Rainy Day”, which is just a bit of a tune, actuellement, and which you can hear below.

His After releasing his debut album Night Music in 2019, Jordan released a clutch of rootsy lovelies as single drops throughout last year, all of which you can find over at his Bandcamp page; “This Rainy Day” keeps that fine lineage going.  

Slide guitar adds a Stateside glow to a strumalong of introverted sweetness, redolent of Matthew Houck’s Phosphorescence.

Yeah, you won’t be surprised to learn that Jordan wrote this track – on a rainy day.

Jordan picks up the story: “I was on tour in Melbourne sitting on my brother’s floor, watching the rain.

“I was home alone with hours before the show was set to start and just sat there watching as the rain hit the windows. It was a surreal feeling of melancholy and was a moment that felt perfectly fitting.

“It’s amazing how inspiring the sound of rain hitting windows, pins and needles and creaky roofs can be in the right moment. They were telling the story; I was just capturing it.”

Follow Jordan at his website, on Facebook, on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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