Track: Ô Lake – Innocence

Thomas Dilis

Going under the name Ô Lake, French composer Sylvain Texier will release his new album ‘Still’ on the 3rd of March via Patchrock & Night-Night records. It will be available on vinyl, CD & digital on Patchrock and Night-Night records.

Soft bass notes are caressed by more urgent melodic notes as the track’s beautiful theme is repeated. A beautiful piece that works well with the accompanying video to create a meditative and peaceful three minutes of tranquillity in our often busy lives.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Ô Lake’s Website or Facebook or Bandcamp

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  1. […] the release of his last single ‘Innocence‘ French artist Ô Lake (composer Sylvain Texier) has shared the second single […]

  2. […] ‘Innocence’ is one of the first pieces I wrote for my new album. I wanted to compose a very simple piece, direct and a little bit naïve. The melody is the thing I care about the most when I wrote a piano solo piece. I wanted the melody of ‘Innocence’ to be light and delicate, and most importantly, easy to remember. […]

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