Album Review: The Telescopes – Splashdown The Complete Creation Recordings 1990-92

I remember seeing the Telescopes on the main stage in 1990 at Reading Festival on the bill with Loop, the Pixies and the Fall, such was their quick rise following the release of early singles Kick the Wall and 7th Disaster on Cheree Records.
The band were signed by Alan McGees Creation records soon after and this 2 disc album features all the Creation eps from 1990-91 plus the Telescopes album, later reissued as #Untitled Second in 1992.

Curated by Stephen Lawrie the frontman of the band, it’s the first compilation of 3 years work on Creation Records, out right now through Cherry Red.

The first CD contains 4 eps, Precious Little, Everso, Celeste and Flying , plus Tornado an alternative version of Flying plus 3 other tracks. A balance between the bands sound and the labels hope for a mainstream hit seems apparent as you play through the eps in order of release, Celeste being the best of the eps, thick in organs and inspired by the Rolling Stones We Love you, it’s a great piece of work.
Disc 2 contains the 11 track album #Untitled Second, less walls of guitars but some great songs, High on Fire and cracking backward recorded guitar on AND, Flying is a groove of a pop record it’s the band at their best in my opinion. Second disc on this album also contains some cover bonus tracks, versions only available on compilations and a previously unissued John Peel Session.

The band are back on the road again and only last year released a new album Hidden Fields, but if you want to start anywhere start with this release.

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