Premiere: Matthew Herbert Gives Sis The Remix Treatment

Acclaimed Experimental Electronic-Pop artist Sis is releasing a new remix of her track ‘Double Rapture’ courtesy of renowned producer Matthew Herbert and we’re excited to be running the premiere!

Known for his work with Radiohead and Bjork among others, Mathew Herbert has made a name for his unique approach to production. Now lending his touch to Sis’ (Aka Jenny Mason) ‘Double Rapture’, a track taken from her critically acclaimed latest EP, Herbert exercises the experimental side of Sis’s work.

Thick and pulsing with dappled vocal samples which intertwine with an arpeggiated dubby kick and synth line, Herbert’s ‘Sun Flare Remix’ quickly builds a sonically challenging ye warming and haunting atmosphere. Gradually building tension under Jenny’s gentle, emotive lead vocal, the track soon introduces a reverb tinted bassline and tribal-esque drums which underpin the soundscape. Dreamy and melancholic, the beautiful use of reverb vocal cuts and layers of atmospheric synth create a breathtaking haze which surrounds you as you listen. 

Speaking about the remix, Mason explains: “I wanted to work with Matthew Herbert to remix Double Rapture because I knew he would be able to take the romantic and tender essence of the song and stretch it into something even more cinematic and lush.”

Having gained widespread acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and BBC Radio 6 Music the coming together of Sis and Matthew Herbert see’s two massively talented artists coming together to create a track full of beauty and musical depth. Released this Friday via Native Cat Recordings.

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