Track: Teenage Wrist – Summer

Ahead of tomorrows (May 19th) release of their debut EP, Dazed, Los Angeles trio Teenage Wrist have released a new single, Summer. The componant parts of the band have form though, with Swing Hero’s Marshall Gallagher joined by Kamtin Mohager (Chain Gang Of 1974), and Anthony Salazar making up the three piece.

Summer opens with this winding guitars, wrapping themselves (rather seductively actually) around this echo drenched shoegaze backing. Over the top are some typically lo-fi slacker vocals, as it ebbs and flows between verse and chorus. The layers of noise and this tottering bassline give the whole thing some depth, while it possesses the sort of melody thats not easily lodged from the memory.

It might take things from the past, but Teenage Wrist are just about as exciting as it gets right now.

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