See: LIP TALK – ‘More’: our craving, craven world captured in psychedelic synth pop

Sarah Pedinotti, aka LIP TALK, photographed by Amanda Picotte

SARAH K PEDINOTTI is the living, breathing Brooklyn-based human behind the glam-psych-pop stylings of LIP TALK, who’s just dropped the video for the glitteringly trippy “More” – and we’ve got it here for you.

“More” concerns just that; the craving, the craven, the wish to hold and consume; be more excited, more satiated, love more be more see more taste more snog more hear more see more … more. All of it. Now. And exactly what impact that has on us in the singular and in the collective.

The video sees Sarah angel and devil sides limned into our world; the one massaging her head, gently, the other offering a haircut with an succubus smile. Go on. Lop it off. And so is she shorn.

“It’s about trying to hold onto things, while the world rapidly and relentlessly changes. It’s about life under consumer capitalism,” she says.

The song comes as part of her continuing writing experiment, ‘These Are Photographs,’ in which writes songs while meditating on a single image. The inspiration for “More” came from a photograph submitted by friend and former bandmate, Ian Chang.

That project is ongoing: people can submit imagery for consideration via DM on Instagram or by emailing Sarah at

The track arrives with a self-directed video, the imagery in which Sarah explains as such: “Getting my hair cut is about releasing the things I’m holding on to. Using bright colors to contrast the black-and-white photo by Ian Chang, we created a dream world of cosmological camp that gestures towards a world beyond capitalism.

“[It was] shot in my sister’s backyard last June during quarantine, and features all family members – including the cinematographer, Amanda Picotte, my cousin.” 

LIP TALK’s “More” is out now via digital streaming platforms and at her Bandcamp page.

Connect with LIP TALK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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