SEE: Ohio art-punks Fruit LoOops mash heads hard with ‘Pretty’

IF YOU like your music LOUD, conceptual, chaotic and confrontational, maybe it’s about you let yourself through the basement back door and into the world of Cincinnati’s Fruit LoOops.

Melt-Banana the kinda band you like to kick back to of an evening? Boredoms? Ah yeah. Step this way.

Fruit LoOops meld intensity and noise-percussion in their quest to really, really burrow into your brain. They’re not for the faint-hearted; but your heart is far from faint, right?

They’ve just released a one-hundred-only, self-titled, single-sided LP for hometown imprint Whited Sepulchre, grinding the gears on the first stage of their deep industrial-skronk-helium project. Join them or duck for cover.

They’re the diseased brainchild of Jackie Switzer, armed and dangerous with a vocal range that shrieks high and drawls low.

“Do you wanna hear it? Do you wanna hear me screeeaaaamm?” she challenges you at the beginning of “Pretty”, taken from the debut LP – you can surrender yourself to the video, embedded below.

Jackie hunts alongside drummer Patrick Apfelbeck; sax troubler Eric Dietrich; Kevin Hall on keys and electronics and Sam Jayne, theatrical assistant.

Let the song fleam you, bleed you, cauterise you. Feel purged? Apply below for a further course of treatment.

Fruit LoOops’ self -titled, single-sided LP is out now on Whited Sepulchre. Stop your hands from trembling and click through to the shop, here.

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