Premiere: Wade Jackson releases the electronic dreamy fugue of ‘Sensationalized’

Wade Jackson is a multi talented songwriter, musician and film director whose new track ‘Sensationalized’, which we are proud to premiere today, is a mesmerising soundscape that bubbles and flows along with an electronic thrum. Wild synth sounds ebb and flow over the circular undercurrent, before launching into an exuberant flange half way through the track. When Jackson’s voice enters, it is louche and laconic with a Bowie-esque timbre, crystal cold and distant.

The song is immersive and energising, fluid and transforming: like a long journey filled with changing dramatic scenery that keeps you transfixed. The single is the title track on Jackson’s album released last year and available below:

The single ‘Sensationalized’ is out on Friday 28 October 2021 through Broken Stone Records/Remote Control Records  on all streaming services. 

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