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The Liza Colby Sound will be heading out on the road this spring and bringing their signature rock n roll sound to Europe. The NYC rockers will be kicking off their European tour in Sweden and covering 5 countries over 15 dates with their sinful blend of classic rock, soulful vocals and dive bar swagger. Described as part shaman, part seductress, Liza Colby and her band have been making a name for themselves on the NYC music scene since 2009, and now they are bringing their incendiary live shows to their European fans.

Ahead of their upcoming European tour we had a quick catch up with Liza Colby to get the low down on the band and what’s coming up in 2019.



So you have a European tour coming up. What are you looking forward to the most? We do! I am looking forward to be playing all the time. That is the best part of the gig! We are also pretty stoked to be playing a bunch of new cities and countries.

How is the band playing today different to the band that started all those years ago? The sound is heavier, the hooks are catchier. The cocktail of Alec (bass), Charly (drums) and I being together for almost a decade with the addition of Jay on guitar has naturally changed the kind of songs we are writing while also keeping it in the same wheelhouse.

What is your bucket list achievements for Liza Colby Sound? That we are still a band. December 2019 will mark a 10yr creative love affair that has seen amazing opportunity, devastating loss and is still motivating and inspiring us to see where The Liza Colby Sound will take the band next.

Are there sounds and ideas you are yet to explore? Endless.

How do you feel your own creative output has evolved from your influences? It naturally evolves from your influences and inspirations. The longer you are on this enormous rock that’s spinning fast a fuck and you are encountering new shit and recognizing old, or familiar things the art evolves. If it didn’t maybe it’d be time to pick a new gig.

What have your high points in the band been? Touring in Europe and Japan for sure. But number one would be the relationship with my bandmates. It’s deep level of intimacy and love that has developed over time.

Any good stories from the live circuit? Sure. We are on a West Coast tour a couple years ago. Us and The Sweet Things and we played a little joint in Ashland, OR. If you don’t know Ashland it’s known for its Shakespeare festival and being a major hippie hub. There was a woman at the show who swore that we looked exactly alike and was doing line drawings of members in both bands that struck her fancy. Anyway, she really wanted one of our tee-tee-shirts but had no cash. In lieu of payment she hit both bands off with several baguettes that she had in the trunk of her car from work, a beautiful black silk blouse and a hit of acid. I most certainly came out on the better side of deal.

And finally, what’s coming up? What is on the horizon for you? We have our debut full length record coming out, Object To Impossible Destination, and a shit ton of touring.



So there you have it. You can catch the band on the below dates throughout March and April.

The Liza Colby Sound Spring 2019 European Tour Dates

3/21  Halmstad, Sweden – Cafe Vinyl
3/23  Norway, Classic Rock Cruise
3/24  Karlstad, Sweden – Bull Bar
3/28  Erfurt, Germany – Muzeumskeller
3/29  Lichtenfels, Germany – Paunchy Cats
3/30 Middelkerke, Belgium – La Baranquilla
3/31  Weert, Netherlands – Bosuil
4/4  Donostia, Spain – Gastropote
4/5   Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain – Jimmy Jazz
4/6   Barcelona, Spain – Razzmatazz 3
4/7   Madrid, Spain – El Sol
4/8  Leon, Spain – Babylon
4/9   A Coruña, Spain – Mardi Gras
4/10 Santander, Spain – Rock Beer The New
4/11 Orléans, France – Blue Devils
4/12 Paris, France – Supersonic
4/13 Krefeld, France – Kulturrampe


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