Live Review and Gallery: Wargasm/Bambie Thug/Idle Discourse, Academy 2, 15/10/2022

Heavy metal duo Wargasm consisting of Sam Matlock and Irish bass player and vocalist Milkie Way played a sold-out Dublin show in Academy 2 this weekend. The band were supported by two other great Irish acts Idle Discourse and BambieThug. It was a fantastic night of heavy music.

First band up on the night were Dublin based Idle Discourse who’s heavy riffs and unique vocals created an interesting Dublin heavy metal sound which is quite unique and gave the crowd that came in early ample opportunities to head bang and get warmed up for the main act. The unique blend of heavy metal screams with rap verses was refreshing to hear and Was extremely impressive! A notable feature of the band is the drummers tremendous backing vocals adding extra depth to their sound by providing screams throughout the songs!

Bambie Thug took the stage next and where definitely different with more of a heavy pop sound rather than heavy metal. They brought fantastic energy to the stage spending much of the set at the barrier interacting with the crowd. The crowd loved this interaction and continued to head bang throughout the set. They definitely kept warming up the crowd, preparing them for Wargasm to take stage.

Wargasm took the stage to ‘Down With the Sickness’ before breaking right into their track ‘Super Fiend’ which opened with a heavy drop and great screams from Sam which were complimented with some more delicate vocals from Milky. The use of live drums and an extra guitar player made a great impact had the crowd headbanging from the word go. Next up was ‘D.R.I.L.D.O’ which was definitely more electronic at the in parts before breaking into sweet heavy riffs and screaming. ‘Fukstar’ was another high energy track with Sam spending much of the track in the crowd for this song which the crowd seemed to enjoy immensely.

The energy kept up with ‘Salma Hayek’ which had a more dancing chorus and break down but kept the heavy riffs in sections of the song. ‘Pyro Pyro Pyro’ leaned more into the heavier side of their sound, providing the crowd lots of opportunities to head bang during this one. At this point the band moved away from their E.P material to some older sings for the rest of the set.

‘Rage all over’ displayed back and forth vocal battles between Milkie and Sam before great drops for the chorus. ‘Post Modern Rhapsody’ was definitely a little on the ‘softer’ side if their sound and provided a little for the band and crowd alike in the middle of an extremely high energy set. Next up in the set was ‘Gold Gold Gold’, followed by ‘Your Patron Saints’, which was definitely one of the heavier songs in the set and got the crowd jumping and head banging along.

At this point in the set Milkie asked the crowd ‘are you feeling lucky?’ before breaking into ‘Scratchcard Feeling’ and ‘Lapdance’. A notable thing about Wargasm is their tremendous energy which still hadn’t waivered 11 songs into their 13 song set, with Sam still crowd surfing during the end of the set. The last song in the main set was ‘Backyard Bastards’ before a brief break before the encore.

The encore was the band biggest and heaviest song ‘Spit’ which had massive drops during the chorus with a little bit of a breather for the verses. The crowd jumped constantly during this one and kept Sam you when he jumped into the crowd during the second chorus.

Wargasm are a truly great live band for any metal fan and the crowd seemed to enjoy every second of this high energy hour long set!

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