TRACK: Suburban Living – ‘Indigo Kids’: halcyon dreampop uplift

Picture: Kelly Cammarata

WITH an album in the can for EggHunt Records, the Virginia label best known for bringing Lucy Dacus to the attention of the music world, Philly’s dreampoppers Suburban Living look assured of a bright future.

With their album How to be Human due for a release at the end of the summer, the band have released a new single, “Indigo Kids”, to whet your appetite; listen below. 

It has huge intentions, soaring aloft on a New Order bassline, and its dreampop textures draw on the emotional beauty of classic bands such as A Flock of Seagulls, China Crisis and Fiction Factory – it has a real pure-pop yearn. There’s a standout sax solo by Max Swan, Philly-based producer and jazz composer. It would happily sit in an episode of Stranger Things, during a post-heartbreak scene.

Frontman Wesley Bunch talks about the inspiration behind the track: “When I was working on songs for How to be Human, I came across the story of Boris Kipriyanovich, a Russian kid who was proclaimed a genius after he was completing crazy math problems at the age of two. As he got older he started telling people he was from Mars and was sent to Earth to warn us about nuclear war. He would even draw constellations and maps to his home planet. 

“I was fascinated with Boris’ situation, so I wrote “Indigo Kids” and based the lyrics [on] his story. I don’t think it’s far fetched that Indigo Kids live among us.”

Suburban Kids’ How to be Human will be released by Egghunt Records on August 28th: visit

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