Track: Katy Steele says I ‘Feel So Bad’ in an effervescent glam stomp that floats buoyantly along with spirit, and announces live shows.

Katy Steele is an institution ever since her days in Perth indie darlings Little Birdy, and we recently reviewed her contribution to the Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe) track “Graduation Day’. Steele now strikes out on her own in her new track ‘Feel So Bad’: an effervescent rollicking track that canters along like an unbridled horse with an unbounded spirit.

The track deals with themes of ennuis and ambivalence with panache and style, riven by an hyperactivity that veers into a glam stomp with slightly distorted vocals:

Hold me don’t let me go
How you gonna reign this in baby
Hold me don’t let me go
How you gonna reign this in baby
I wake in the morning
I feel so bad

The guitars splash and wallow in the wash of a motorik beat: creating a swift forward, incessant motion.

Steele has been ensconced in her studio with her partner, Graham McLuskie, recording an album entirely by themselves, with the odd sprinkling of special guests. For the mix, they joined forces with Dave Hammer(Genesis Owusu, Lime Cordiale). Steele says:

This record was made during COVID so we had no choice but to look inwards as the world was changing around us. We built up the home studio and filled it with new toys and tapped into unknown territory,  experimenting with new sounds. I didn’t want to repeat what I’d done before and Graham became a dilettante, bringing a fresh youthful set of ears.

There is certainly a restless spirit to the resultant track with its wailing sonic layers – a deliberate ploy to capture something organic:

When we started recording “Feel So Bad”, we really wanted to try and capture the energy and nostalgia of 70’s and 80’s records where things weren’t quite perfect and recordings had an edge due to the spontaneity, rawness and fashion they were recorded in. We were marginally influenced by Robert Palmer from the simplicity of the lyrics to the synths we used. 

It’s pulse quickening stuff:

‘Feel So Bad’ is out now and available through all the usual download/streaming sites.

In the meantime, Steele will be delivering a string of intimate acoustic events across the country along with good friend/music maestro Ben Witt. The pair will take new tunes on the road, with stripped-back previews of never-before-heard songs from her upcoming album.

Katy will make her way through South West WA, with home town performances in Perth, Bunbury and Busselton before gracing Sydney and Melbourne stages.

Tour dates (details and tickets here):

Subi Series
Thursday 13 October 2022, Perth WA

Froth Craft Brewery
Thursday 27 October 2022, Bunbury WA

Friday 28 October 2022, Busselton WA

Brunswick Ballroom
Thursday 17 November 2022, Melbourne VIC

The Vanguard
Friday 18 November 2022, Sydney NSW

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