Premiere: Elephants And Stars – On The Table

Caroline Hester Photography

Canadian five piece Elephants and Stars, are set to release their new brilliantly titled 6-track EP ‘Last Chance Power Drive’. Along with the news the band have shared the lead single ‘On The Table’.

“The lyrics were inspired by a true crime documentary about a senseless, drug-fuelled murder in small town USA,” says guitarist Manfred Sittmann, who wrote the lyrics in pieces in the days that followed. 

“The film ends with the convicted killer addressing those who are witnessing his execution as the film pans over the boxes of evidence from the trial. The juxtaposition of the tables on tables of boxes and bags with the condemned man also strapped down for his final address became the lyrical theme.”

A huge slice of rock n roll that has its foot to the floor from the very start. From the explosive guitar start and Sittmann’s gritty vocals, the verses thunder along before the chorus arrives and the whole track goes up a couple of notches to some rock and roll heaven. These guys are binging the classic American rock sound back in a big way, just with a Canadian twist.

Find out more via the band’s Website or Facebook

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