NEWS: Spirit of the Beehive announce debut Saddle Creek set; see the video for ‘There’s Nothing You Can’t Do’

Spirit of the Beehive, photographed by Peggy Fioretti

PHILLY’S ever-evolving band Spirit of the Beehive have announced they’ve signed to Saddle Creek, for whom they’re coming in angular, fractured psych delirium a-blazin with an April album, Entertainment, Death; and they’ve twitched back the curtain with the video for the dream-haze cut-up of “There’s Nothing You Can Do”, in which an almost sophisticated and lush, punkfunk groove plots a course through the teeth of fast-cut sample overlays and erupting punk rage. There’s a lot going in there, fo sho.

The band has been recently rejigged to a trio, in which founding members Zack Schwartz and Rivka Ravede are joined by Corey Wichlin, the better to shape up and ship out their particularly wonky brand of experimental rock.

Entertainment, Death was plotted and magicked into our world over a four-month period – in contrast to 2018’s Hypnic Jerks, limned and set to tape ina about a week. We’re promised the new ‘un comes from “a band whose attention to detail is exceptional, allowing for their most focused and exploratory work to date.”

The video for “There’s Nothing You Can’t Do”, directed by Ryan Schnackenberg, takes on addiction and its duelling realities. You can watch that below.

Come April 9th, you’ll be able to get your hands on Entertainment, Death on an array of beautiful wax variants: there’ll be an indie exclusive pressed on maroon, deep purple, and coke bottle-clear marbled vinyl, a Saddle Creek exclusive with full-color art prints designed and hand-signed by the band’s Rivka Ravede; and a Saddle Creek exclusive pressed on jade, violet, and clear. Hell, you can get your order in now, here.

Some 5% of the proceeds from pre-orders from Saddle Creek and Bandcamp will be donated to the Amistad Law Project in Philadelphia.

Follow Spirit of the Beehive on Instagram and Twitter.

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