Track: aramii – Tidal

aramii is the new moniker for the long time collaborative project between prolific artists Maria Chiara Argirò and Jamie Leeming, the duo behind one of Backseat Mafia’s favourite albums ‘Flow‘.

The latest EP, ‘Dusk’ (Cavalo Records), combines their signature blend of lofi, electronica and cinematic jazz with vocals. It presents a fresh and unique take on the singer/songwriter and spoken word genres as demonstrated by the first single ‘Tidal’.

Leeming says:

“We felt that ‘aramii’ would be the perfect vehicle for the next chapter of our work together”.

Argirò says:

“To me ‘aramii’ is a perfect platform to explore and collaborate through intimate, cinematic, soul-influenced songs”.

Swirling electronic noises and spoken word wrap around grounded pondering piano notes. The track slowly blooms as the noises slowly take over coalescing into a solid jazz guitar solo that dominates the end of the track.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Argirò’s Website or Facebook Leeming’s Website or Facebook

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