Premiere: Slow Cinema have a new single ‘Pocket Knife’, and it’s a sharp, precise anthem that swings like a machete. Tour dates announced.

We are honoured to premiere today the absolutely scintillating slice of indie pop ‘Pocket Knife’ from Mulubinba/Newcastle-based indie-rock band Slow Cinema.

With its razor sharp guitars and yearning emotive vocals, this is anthemic stadium-ready rock at its most invigorating. If you need a benchmark or point of reference, think of a merging of DMA’s and The Strokes – pop sensibilities twirling in a close dance with gritty credibility and a suave attitude.

According to the band:

‘Pocket Knife’ is a musical and lyrical voyage through the raw, unfiltered emotions that often accompany the dissolution of a deep romantic connection. It’s a composition that aims to deeply resonate with individuals who have weathered the storm of a painful breakup and capture the poignant mix of heartache and relentless desire to preserve what was once cherished.

That sense of regret and loss seeps through the delivery and yet the high stepping music and wry humour adds a sense of resolution and optimism, with the scything guitars that add a jingle jangle thunder and an ambulant bass.

‘Pocket Knife’ is out tomorrow (Friday, 24 November) and available through all the usual download and streaming sites.

You can catch Slow Cinema on the road on the following dates:

Saturday, 18 November | Botany View Hotel, Eora/Sydney NSW
Saturday, 9 December | King Street Hotel, Awabakal/Newcastle NSW
Sunday, 10 December | The Grand Junction, Mindaribba/Maitland NSW
Saturday, 23 December | Royal Oak Hotel, Awabakal/Newcastle NSW
Saturday, 27 January | Stag And Hunter Hotel, Awabakal/Newcastle NSW

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