Say Psych: News: L.A. Witch UK Tour

After releasing their debut self-titled album last year on Suicide Squeeze Records to much acclaim and a knock out performance at Liverpoool International Festival of Psychedelia, L.A. Witch are set to bring their grunge-soaked sounds back to the UK this month with shows in Nottingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, London & Leeds.

In the dimly lit interior of a small nightclub, where the stale smell of a thousand extinguished cigarettes drowns out the smell of spilt beer and broken dreams, a band plays against a backdrop of cheap golden tinsel. Outside, palm trees line the night’s horizon. In the years to come, the streets will swell into highways and interstates, but for now Los Angeles is still a young city growing daily with transplants from across the United States, all looking for a new life. It’s still a city largely cut off from the rest of the country, and in the years before the Manson family forever tarnishes the infinite hope of the Western enclave and before the Hell’s Angels of Altamont interrupt rock n’ roll’s peaceful trajectory with unprecedented violence, there is still a dreamy California sound for those dark rooms suffused with neon light. The three women of L.A. Witch wouldn’t be born for several decades, but their sound transports you back to those warm Californian nights in smoky rooms.

Catch them live:

27th March – Nottingham, The Chameleon 
28th March – Glasgow, Nice N Sleazy’s
29th March – Newcastle, The Cluny
30th March – London, Oslo
31st March – Leeds, Headrow House 

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