Track: Tender Glue Shares Warming & Atmospheric New Single “My Sweetest Tone”

Tender Glue, the brainchild of Poland born and raised, now New York based Tom Gluewicki, shares the floating new single “My Sweetest Tone”. A melting pot of modulation, fuzz and reverb, the track is a musically rich and emotionally affecting experience.

Awash with swirling and at times grungy guitar lines, “My Sweetest Tone” creates a dreamy atmosphere over the fuzzy bass and driving drums. Gluewicki’s yearning, melancholic vocal delivery adds a depth of feeling and expression to the track, mellowing the mood before the track glides into it’s delicate, reflective chorus.

Sitting somewhere between shoegaze, indie and alternative-rock, Tender Glue’s sound and this track in particular possess a warming, wintery, nostalgic and close personal quality despite the full band sound. It’s as if you are peering into Gluewicki’s thoughts as a sea of modulated guitar lines surrounds you.

A track which touches on Tom’s experience emigrating with his parents in 2002 from Central
Europe to a densely populated metropolitan city in New York, “My Sweetest Tone” talks about the struggles he faced readjusting and belonging in his new home. Tom explains:

“As an uneducated immigrant who came to this country with no money or knowledge of
English in my teenage years, the US quickly showed me where my place is. The verses
represent this sort of way of being mistreated and the chorus describes that no matter what
life throws at me, I’ll always stand my ground and “carry on with my sweetest tone.”

Listen below:

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