Say Psych: Video: Dimorphodons – The Factory

‘The Factory’ is the second single to be taken from visionary multi-instrumentalist, producer and guitar builder Dimorphodons’ transportive, transcendental and wonderfully eccentric debut Searching for Dimorphodons EP set for release 11 September on Hand of Glory. 

The Factory takes on a languorous, introspective turn compared to its electrifying freakbeat predecessor, debut single ‘Searching for Dimorphodons’ however both are equally as bending of time and mind. On ‘The Factory’, Dimorphodons channels his ‘60s pop obsession with an influence in the industrial paintings of L. S. Lowry and what he describes as “The smoggy, short-distance horizons put to song.”  The backbone of the song was originally recorded by a teenage Dimorphodons on an old four-track, and recently re-worked for the EP, representing what Dimorphodons describes as “A collaboration between my present self and my sixteen old self.” Within the song’s lyrics are jumps in time, reflecting on paths from different ends of a life both lived and unlived. 

‘The Factory’’s accompanying labyrinthine and surrealist video explores the darker, more claustrophobic elements of the song, while also conjuring up a dreamlike evocation of an introvert’s experience of lockdown.  Dimorphodons is seen lost in a mirrored world, with only himself, a sock, toy piano and guitar for company. The guitar featured in the video was designed and built by Dimorphodons during the lockdown from an old coffee table and some ‘sex shop pink’ coloured acrylic.

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