TRACK: The Lost Highway Tapes – ‘Something To Say’: stripped-down funky blues with The Infadels

THE LOST Highway Tapes is the project of a serendipitous encounter for Fabyl Records’ Nick Faber, who was out on a crate-diggin’ exploration of the American South.

He was in the south of Florida when he came across a weatherbeaten busker bringin’ the blues on a steel guitar, tapping straight into the main source. He was bewitched, and bewitched again the next day; on the third day he decided to approach the street musician – but that day he never appeared.

Nevertheless, a seed was sown and The Lost Highway Tapes was born on Nick’s return across the Atlantic, the memory triggered by a London busker. It was gonna be all about the blues.

We’ve taken a look at a brace of previous tracks that Nick has dropped from the project: the funky hip grind of “Sensational”, and the bourbon-soaked southern boogie of “Soon You’ll Be Mine”.

And today he’s released “Something To Say”, a stripped-down riff married to a Georgia Satellites-style infectious break, a smattering of electronic glitter – and London indie-electro outfit The Infadels’ Bnnan Watts miked right up in your grille and bringing the blues.

“If you’ve got something to say, life is in your hands,” he proclaims, as none-more blues licks caress your head. It’s got groove. Take a listen, below. Right on, brother.

Nick Fabyl’s The Lost Highway Tapes is due for release on September 18th. Watch for more news on formats and where to purchase at

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