Hard at work: Altadore in the studio

The fact is that I am a pretty impatient man. It’s something that I struggle with on a daily basis and I can end up expressing it in various ways. Fortunately for you one of those has been repeatedly harassing David Katz of Altadore to give me updates on new music. Well, the band have picked up their tools again and they’re working on some new material. Hallelujah !

David had time to give us a bit of information – although not too much – he’s keeping us keen…


“The recordings are taking place at a few places in Portland, Oregon. We tracked drums in a friend’s basement, bass in Gabe’s home studio, and we’ll be tracking guitar and vocals in my rehearsal space.” It’s not so much a question of booking out a chateau in order to take advantage of its special vibes, “these places are the most convenient for our DIY direction on this next album.”

The band are working on recording 4 songs with plans to release them as an EP eventually, but they’ll probably start off life as singles with accompanying music videos before being collected together. I did quiz David on titles – everyone likes to know what a work in progress is called, if only so that they can start to fantasise about what it might sound like or be about – but he’s not budging; no details until nearer the end of recording.


David has been enjoying recording “The highlight so far [has] been seeing the tracks come to life. After being behind a guitar during the birth of these tracks for so long, it’s really exiting and refreshing to gain a different perspective.”

In the run-up to recording David has been listening to a lot of 60s-inspired music, which has had an inspirational effect on some aspects of his songwriting (again, not giving much away ? Will we be getting a Portland Wall of Sound ?). Whatever he’s making in there with the band, it’s going to have a fresh, natural feel “In regard to tracking, I usually just go straight into it. Sometimes you can get a pretty great take on the first run.”

Having asked the questions and written the above I can feel the anticipation rising again… So, David, when’s the first single coming out ?



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