For the release of his new EP ‘Transhuman Love Affair’, out now on his Void Space Institute™ label we are delighted to present a Takeover Mix from the Electronic visionary and high concept specialist ‘Robotek Reagan‘.

It’s a real pleasure being invited to do a guest mix for y’all! As I’ve been so focused on launching my Void Space Institute™ label and sci-fi creative cosmogony outlet, I haven’t thought about putting a mix together since I released one last summer. It was really nice to get back in touch with storytelling over a longer period than just one song at a time in the studio. Being a summer sign (Cancer), the summer is always my favorite time of the year; I love the warm weather and the basking in the energy of the sun; people (generally) seem happier and right now we need about all the happy we can get with the current state of the world!

I do most of my music discovery in the last few years now on Spotify (please don’t cancel me). At this point, I have a very carefully curated algorithm based on my tastes, and both my Discover Weekly and Release Radar algorithmically generated playlists keep me in touch with some of the most amazing music, both past, and present… Now maybe you’re thinking “Gosh, what a lazy way of discovering new music!” But it allows me to focus my energies on the other tasks involved in being a solo musician working alone to build a sci-fi cosmogony while juggling all of the other responsibilities life throws at me, and one of the reasons I love the advances of automation in technology. I then go buy the music I discover on outlets like Bandcamp so I am making sure to support the artists directly.

I love all kinds of (good) electronic music (based on my objectively subjective tastes), and as such, you can expect all kinds of styles in this summer mix from ambient to IDM, and house to techno, with a hint of drum and bass. Hang on tight as we travel through all dimensions of sound and vibes beamed to your soul from Beyond the Void. 

As always, myself and the staff (in my brain) here at the Void Space Institute are here to fill the VOID in YOUR heart with a dose of some upfront escapism to help get unstuck from the loop of this absurd reality of everyday life.I’ll let the mix do the rest of the talking. 

End transmission from beyond the void.

Hope you enjoy the mix

Check Out The Mix:


01. Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2271110

02. Nosaj Thing – Mountain (Extended Version)

03. Ada Kaleh – Synergy

04. Fort Romeau – Spotlights (Soles Ambient Reprise)

05. Piezo – Xxx^_^x

06. Mark Pritchard – Sentinel – Process Hate – Hope

07. Seefeel – Spangle (Autechre Remix)

08. KILN – Drala Ultra

09. Lone – Pieces of a Puzzle – In Another Room

10. U-Ziq – Turquoise Hyperfizz

11. Brainwaltzera – ITSAME [group hugg]

12. metaroom – EMBRYOGLYPH

13. Kincaid – Sudden Shifts In Perspective

14. Tammy Hesselink – Fixed Distance

15. Robotek Reagan, Karina Junker – some1:like_U

16. Floating Points – Grammar

17. Modeselektor – MAD FEAT. FLOHIO

18. Cristian Vogel – Hyphadelity

19. Robotek Reagan – That Time I Nanoadapted Into A Cat God (And Now My Soul’s Stuck In The Holomatrix Mix)

20. Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Laurel Halo, Henrich Köbberling – Chapter 6 (Carl Craig Remix)

21. Anunaku – Spirale

22. Bambounou x Bruce – Rai

23. Markus Suckut – Tube

24. ORBE – Entropy

25. Robotek Reagan – Rejected Cloned Body Parts Floating In The Sewer (Fishing For A New Kidney Mix)

26. Eira Haul – Cosmic Body

27. ASC – Cosmic Energy

28. Illuvia – Wanderer

29. Artefakt & Claudio PRC – Distant Light

Electronic visionary and high concept specialist Robotek Reagan is back with a fourth EP on his Void Space Institute™ label. This chapter focuses on the themes of sex and relationship dynamics as observed in the modern times of striving to be a bit more than human.

An assured producer who rose to prominence as part of the Dance Spirit duo on Superfreq, Reagan is now carving his own forward-thinking solo path. He has played the world’s finest clubs and festivals and now heads up the new multi-media outlet that is Void Space Institute™. Says the artist of this latest EP, “This and the subsequent two releases all focus on the ideas of Transhumanism, and my vision and understanding derived from a background of science fiction reading and anime. Bluntly put, we here at the Institute believe in the idea of the universe manifesting to become through its individual Void Vessels™ co-creating in reality.”

It opens with a ‘transhuman love affair (æytherspace soundbath mix)’, setting an otherworldly parallel dimension culture vibe. This species has embraced the future in its entirety and transcended the earth realm universe of Lucidia into the Protolumia universe. Next on the EP is ‘simp4u,’ titled after the word which describes someone who shows excessive sympathy and attention to someone in pursuit of a sexual relationship

Then comes soulful and romantic deep house cut ‘some1:like_U’. Its enticing vocals are delivered by the talented LA actor Karina Junker whose unique, precise, and seductive voice you’ve probably heard on a commercial and never known. Her alluring delivery in the song draws you in, as you can’t help but long for your someone. The EP closes with darker cut titled ‘pressy (extended ‘I’m peaking’ mix)’ which is a song about the violent nature inherent in the act of sex and penetration, once again analysing the nature of dominance and submissiveness, while also alluding to the pleasures gained from that aggressive nature, like peaking on pure ecstasy, pressed up to that someone in the act of raw nature.

The darker nature of the closing track here is a prelude to the second EP in the Transhuman Agenda trilogy (the dark side of the) TRANSHUMAN AGENDA’ which will follow soon. For now, part one offers thought-provoking and dance floor-jacking sounds once again from Reagan.

1. transhuman love affair (æytherspace soundbath mix)
2. simp4u (radio edit)
3. some1:like_U feat. Karina Junker (original mix)
4. pressy (extended ‘I’m peaking’ mix)

OUT NOW: https://robotekreagan.bandcamp.com/

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