Film Review: Star*Men


People are often brought together by a shared passion. In the case of Roger, Donald, Nick and Wal that love was for astronomy and looking at the stars. As post-doctoral researchers the group met at Caltech fifty years ago. It began a friendship that would last the rest of their lives and start their individual journeys to becoming four of the most renowned scientists in their own fields. Roger the instrument-maker, Donald the theoretician, Nick the visionary, and Wal the observer. They represent the golden era of astronomy.

To mark their fifteenth anniversary, Roger assembles the group back in Pasadena to go on a road-trip to recreate the journeys they made as young men. Producer, director and writer Alison Rose decided to tag along as the group visit some of the largest observatories and telescopes in the world They reminisce about their lives, friendships and work. They have strong personal connections to the countryside and where they spent their time documenting the universe.

Star*Men is a fascinating journey through the lives of four very charming and influential men who followed their dreams. It’s a slight documentary in many ways but don’t take that as a criticism. Rose simply want to document their reunion and get an insight into their lives and work. Star*Men is often amusing as personalities shine through and Roger still wants to get one over on the others. It’s a lovely tale.

Star*Men is out in cinemas on Friday.

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