Track: Brisbane’s Lucy Francesca Dron’s ‘Liquid Numbing Pain’ is a haunting, visceral thing of beauty.

There is a raw visceral edge to the new single ‘Liquid Numbing Pain’ by Brisbane’s Lucy Francesca Dron that is really quite exquisite. Dron’s voice is infused with a late night insouciance, dripping with emotion and pain, soaring magnificently over a sparse rumbling soundtrack – insistent and driving, relentless. You cannot help but think of Amy Winehouse, but with a more grounded indie rumble. There are no frills to the instrumentation: the sugar-coated alcohol-infused gloss is Dron’s extraordinary voice inflected by a huge range and depth of feeling.

Dron says simply of the track that it is a raw and honest retelling of my own experience of intense heartbreak and loss. You can certainly feel each emotional blow deeply in the vocals – imbued with a late night whiskey soaked decent into personal hell.

The accompanying video is just as raw – direct and simple and all the more visceral and compelling for it:

‘Liquid Numbing Pain’ is on Dron’s upcoming EP ‘Leftovers’ and is out now and available to stream/download here ahead of the release of EP ‘Leftovers’ on 4 June 2021.

Feature Photograph: Taylah Ralph Luaren

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