Say Psych: News: Left of the Dial completes 2023 line-up

With the addition of 30 new artists, the lineup for Rotterdam based showcase festival Left of the Dial is now complete. Because sifting through 30 artists will mostly likely not be a top priority for anyone, Left of the Dial has offered a tasty solution! These 30 artists – as well as the 90 previously announced artists – have been divided into multiple mixtapes with which you can easily get to know your new favourite festival artists. And because most band bios don’t really say much more than ‘the band creates a unique blend of styles’, you won’t need to read those either. Just look at our bluntly-oversimplified-descriptions of the full lineup!

Left of the Dial takes place on 19 – 21 October in around 20 venues in Rot­terdam’s city centre, and a three day passe-partout ticket will set you back a mere €50 (£43). This ridiculously cheap festival which has the sole aim of promoting new artists should be top of your ‘to-do list’. We are seriously excited about this festival, grab your ticket now before its too late

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