Meet: Gangs, and listen to their new single, Theives

When we first heard Scottish quartet Gangs, we were a little intimidated. Despite the fact that we loved the driving, hard edged indie/punk rock of their new single Thieves, there was this sense of malevolence and anger about it that just kept us, as it keeps the track, on edge. It’s a pulsating affair, that becomes almost supercharged in it’s singalong chorus (take a look around / thieves are coming) but it’s so damned catchy, we couldn’t help being drawn back to it again and again.

Check it out here

We caught up with lead guitarist Steven McLaren who gave us the low down on all things Gangs related (apologies, I couldn’t resist that one)

We are We are GANGS!

We are from Glasgow

We metWe met at parties around Glasgow. Thanks to some mutual Friends.

We make music that sounds like There’s elements of Garage, Rock and Punk in there. At the moment we’re listening to a lot of Slaves, Spring King, QOTSA, The Amazing Snakeheads, Iggy Pop, T Rex, so that definitely influences the sound of the band.

When people ask us who or what we sound like, we say When people ask we usually just say we’re a rock n roll band. Vague, I know. Or just respond to them with the “buy a ticket for our gig and decide for yourself” patter.

We bonded over We bond through drunken heart to hearts about our love for one another and 5am visits to the casino.

Our name comes from Its a secret.

We got together, and our first rehearsal was Our first rehearsal as full band went much better than we were expecting. Everything came together naturally. Can’t really ask for much more than that!

Our first gig was We played a couple of low-key, shows outside of Glasgow with no promotion just as “warm up gigs” which were great. However, we regard our first actual gig as our debut Glasgow show in Broadcast, which we headlined. We didn’t know what to expect because people hadn’t seen us before so we were shocked on the night to find out the gig was sold out. Everything went great and the response was truly overwhelming.

Our new record is Our new single is called “Thieves”. We wrote it around the start of this year. Its about some old friends and their dirty tricks. The track was record by a good friend of ours, Chris Marshall @ 7 West Studio’s in Glasgow.

The writing process for us is Usually our singer (Stevie) come’s in..strums and sings a song to us on his guitar, then we work around that and the idea evolves.

We tried to make it sound like The aim for this tune was just to have a quick 2 minute length, up tempo, no nonsense punk/rock n roll tune.

You could say our live show is Fun as fuck!

strong>You can catch us We have the single launch at Broadcast Glasgow on July 22nd.

Look out for The Lapelles, Acting Strange, Crash Club The Van T’s, Babystrange. Great bands!

This year, we are going to try to Release our next single. We’ll also be touring around the UK and finishing off the album.

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