Premiere: Melbourne’s Anna Smyrk unveils the dynamic, anthemic single ‘The Excavator’.

We are proud to premiere the new single from Melbourne artist Anna Smyrk. ‘The Excavator’ is a folk-tinged indie rock anthem that starts off with a slow burning fuse before sparking into an intense and dynamic anthem. The thundering, pounding rhythm section provides a beating pulse while Smyrk’s voice is passionate and delicate as she sings of the deeply personal and moving topic of loss. Smyrk explains:

‘The Excavator’ is about watching someone go through grief. Seeing them literally hit rock bottom – down low, in the dark, clearing out the basement of the house they grew up in. The subject matter is kind of heavy, but it was one of the most fun songs to record. We wanted to capture the different faces of grief. Sometimes it’s understated and brooding, like the song’s verses, and sometimes it just explodes out of nowhere and floors you, which is what we tried to do with those big choruses.

The repeated line of please come up for air speaks volumes about the times we live in and the often unspoken need for help when all around is dark, delivered in a carriage of pure orchestral, anthemic indie rock that brings to mind artists like Sharon Van Etten. There is a vibrancy and vitality that is indelible, served with a rousing pop sensibility:

‘The Excavator’ is out on Thursday, 26 August 2021, and you can pre-order the single here. The track is off Smyrk’s forthcoming EP ‘The Hour Between Us’ which will be released Thursday, 7 October.

Feature Photograph: Giulia McGauran

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